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Old 06-12-2018, 08:19 AM   #1
Pete K.
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Replacing entire drain plug housing question

Last fall I had to remove the entire drain plug housing... (3 screws)
The brass drain plug was seized and bending too much and I couldnt loosen it.

Now Its time to replace it.. are there all different sizes, or are they pretty standard? i Own a fiberglass 19' center console.

any additional suggestions so my boat doesnt sink?

(im a surfcaster who happens to own a boat for family fun,
so dont laugh at my lack of boat knowledge and stupid question ahaha)
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Old 06-12-2018, 03:27 PM   #2
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I am not skilled when it comes to anything mechanical But i would think its only thoses 3 screws and loads of 5200 .. getting it out will most likely be the hard part then match the old one with the new one .. of course all this is in a perfect world let us know how it goes
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Old 06-12-2018, 04:51 PM   #3
Raider Ronnie
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If you are referring to the Garboard Plug at the bottom of the transom
(Drain plug) with a 1/2 ntp fitting. Standard size is 1/2
Remove all old adhesive, sand, wash (Acetone)
Install new plug using 5200 adhesive.
Before threading in Pipe plug apply some Teflon tape or plumbers pipe dope on the threads so you donít have the same problem next year
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