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Old 03-27-2004, 05:33 PM   #1
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Smoothie drag changeover

Would someone be so kind as to give me a brief overview on how to change the drag washers on my 6501 to smoothies?

Thanks in advance


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Old 03-29-2004, 02:02 AM   #2
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Spent 19 years as a tech in the music bizz so I'm used to taking stuff apart without thinking much about it. I'll have to think a little now.
First, remove the little screww that holds the locking plate on the handle. pop the plate off and use a box wrench or the wrench that comes with the reel to remove the nut that holds the handle in place. Take the washer off from under the handle (remember the way it's oriented). Spin off the star drag nut and slide off the
2 washers (remember orientation) and slide out the little tube (this is what pushes against the drag stack. Loosen the 3 thumb screws that hold on the side plate and pull the side off the reel. Remove the 2 small screws on the outside of the side plate and turn the assembly around so you are looking into the inside of it. You can now pull the round plate that holds the guts out and away. Do it slowly as I forget if anything falls out. You can now slide the main gear and drag assy. off the post of that plate.
Look and see the order of all the washers and you will see how the new washers should be ordered. That thick plastic washer goes between the main gear and the pawl ring (hollow tube the gears and drag stack are placed on and has a little sawtoothed end that mates with the pawl). Slide main gear back on, re-assemble the drag stack and reverse the above process and you are all set.
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