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Political Threads This section is for Political Threads - Enter at your own risk. If you say you don't want to see what someone posts - don't read it :hihi:

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"1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual"

From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party:
George Orwell; 1984

I'm sure someone else has recognized the similarities but I haven't personally read similar observations anywhere.

It seems every day our government (and society as a whole) takes micro-steps that lead towards the big brother theme of 1984. Even the reporting of our troops' "victories" overseas are startlingly similar to those of Oceania's victories over Eurasia and Eastasia.

Our government preaches "vigilance" and "report any suspicious activities". The results of which have turned into innocent Americans being investigated or detained for extended periods of time.

Earlier this month on 9/11, there were numerous cases of Homeland Security taking "suspicious parties" off of planes and detaining them for hours and sometimes days - revoking their right to life, liberty and justice - because someone else reported to the authorities that they looked suspicious. Yet, not a single one of those situations resulted in detaining an actual person of interest.

The cliche example is the Patriot Act. Broad, unwarranted surveillance of any American for any reason. Just this morning I read an article about a photographer/stormchaser that was on a bridge taking pictures of Irene and someone reported his activity. Homeland security called his family and friends and had been investigating him for an undetermined length of time. I'd bet his phones were tapped, email/internet was monitored and total privacy was invaded - all because he was taking pictures of a hurricane.

I started this post with no real "point" but hopefully to foster some non-partisan discussion. These situations supersede political parties and bold examples of similarities to 1984 can be made during both Bush and Obama's presidencies.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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