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Old 02-06-2020, 11:47 AM   #1
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drivers license renewal I renewed my license, the registry was actually nice to deal with. It's what you need to.prove who you are that is insane, passport, drivers license, W2 form credit card statement, insurance policy... then after all that they tell you it will be coming bye mail... seriously. ..what's to stop some out of the box thinking criminal from srealing
your mail and reconfiguring the picture I'D.. SEEMS bizarre to me that they require so many forms of ID only to Mali the new one..

A good run is better than a bad stand!
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Old 02-07-2020, 10:01 AM   #2
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I also recently renewed my license.

The first question was do you want the regular license or the REAL license.......what????? Apparently the regular license is not recognized for travel.......

So yeah, I want the REAL license. Went to AAA to renew. Filled everything out online, all my ducks in a row.

Nope, besides all the stuff Rockfish mentioned you need to show your SS card, AND IT CAN'T BE LAMENTATED, as mine was.

So off the the SS office to get a new SS. And guess what, after waiting in line for an hour. We will mail this to you in 4-7 days we don't have cards at the office.

So finally got that and back to AAA to renew the license. And as Joe said, we will mail this to you........

Good grief........


Jon, 24' Nauset-Green Topsides, Beamie, North River. Channel 68/69. MSBA, NIBA
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Old 02-07-2020, 11:17 AM   #3
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Ya same here, laminated ssi card. What a f n PIA...
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Old 02-07-2020, 02:42 PM   #4
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You can also use an original birth certificate that you can obtain from the town hall within minutes.
The town writes an issue date on the birth certificate and the RMV then types into their system the issue date to confirm validity.
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Old 02-17-2020, 04:23 PM   #5
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You have to love how "the system" works.

They make you jump thru hoops to obtain more information than ANYONE would need, they can't muster enough common sense to be able to PRINT THE LICENSES THERE, and rely on snail mail to deliver it to you!

Then to top it all off, the only real need for this POS identification is to fly. If I was going to go somewhere by plane, I probably would have left long before these a-holes started this "drive for self importance" and gone someplace where bureaucracy wasn't run by morons and idiots!!!

What sucks is that my license will expire in 2 years, so if I want to fly DOMESTICALLY, do I need to renew the license early?
If so, will they reimburse me a pro-rated amount of what I paid when I renewed the original license, or will they just screw me again and make me pay for the new one?

How exactly will having everyone have a new license protect us from evil? Is there some "secret police" force that will operate out of every airport to protect us, or have they just blown smoke up our asses and soaked us for another fee?

Inquiring minds want to know, particularly us older ones that are seeing this crap and these a-holes take over our lives...

I am a legend in my own mind!
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Old 02-17-2020, 09:48 PM   #6
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REAL ID is a Federal Security Standard for IDs that was created in 2005 as a result of increased federal security measures after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

So you have to prove who you've been on the ID you already had
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Old 02-18-2020, 08:54 AM   #7
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Location: Reading Mass/Newburyport/merrimack river
Posts: 3,334
it took them a week to mail my new license...

I've lived in the same state for 65 years now, less than 30 miles from where I was born... I had/have a current CDL license and motorcycle just shows how crappy their record keeping is...

A good run is better than a bad stand!
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Old 02-21-2020, 08:47 AM   #8
Got Stripers
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Since I just got my passport renewed and my standard drivers license is doesn't expire until 2023, I'm not bothering with that BS until I need to. My flight to FL in March is ok with a standard license and after that if I need to I will bring my passport, so the state can wait to collect my fee and frustration.
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