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Beer & Beverage Life is too short to drink cheap beer.

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Old 11-23-2022, 03:11 PM   #1
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wood aged Imperial stout

I've made 2 "runs" of this stuff ( and have a 3rd in the fermenter now)and it's the most requested brew in my arsenal when i have visitors. unfortunately, it's a lot of work and needs 16 weeks to age before bottling or kegging... and seems to hit it's peak at 6 months!

This is a BJCP 33 wood aged beer
Recipe is for 5 1/2 gallons - Expected OG is 1.092 -1.096 Expected FG is 1.018 - 1.022 calculated @ %75 efficiency
ABV is %9.7 BEFORE the bourbon addition (more on that in a minute) which brings the ABV in the vicinity of 11.2%
SRM=60 IBU=70 Boil time is 60 minutes Move to secondary after all visible signs of fermentation have ended allow 14 weeks @ 65 -70 for aging.

Grains and wort additives:
8.0 lbs. Maris Otter malt - 2.1 lbs. -light Munich malt - 0.8 lbs. light wheat malt - 10 ounces of chocolate malt - 1 lb. of roasted barley - 8 oz. De-husked Carafa I malt - 4 oz. coffee malt - 4 oz. pale chocolate malt - 8 oz. 150L crystal malt - 4 oz. special B malt - 1lb. flaked oats.
1lb Natural brown sugar (add at start of 60 min. boil) 24 ounces of dark bakers' chocolate (boil for 5 minutes use a cheese grater to make adding it easier) - 5 oz. of roast coffee beans (steep @ the end of the boil, I use peats)

Hops - 1 oz sterling (60 min) 1 oz. Northern -(60 min)-1 oz. Target (60min) 1/2 oz. Willamette (30 min) 1/2 oz. Willamette @ flame out

Yeast, I use mangrove jack M42 strong Ale yeast, fermented @65 degrees until fermentation slows down, then move the temp up to 70 for a week to clean things up you will also need a package of Red star Champaigne yeast, this will be added at the time of secondary transfer.

Saccharification rest is @ 151 for 60 minutes, Mash out @ 168 for 15 minutes. I highly recommend using rice hulls to aid in the sparge- i use 1 lb.

Prepare 24 ounces of Burbon in a jar with a lid( I used Jim beam black) to this you will add 2 ounces of toasted oak cubes (available at home brew shops) let the mixture steep the entire time your brew is fermenting, then when you transfer to your secondary, add the entire contents, (cubes and all) as well as the Champaigne yeast, add an air lock and place in a cool place for 14 -16 weeks..

this is not a violent fermenter, the copious amount of butter fat in the chocolate keeps the Krausen low, it is a messy process but well worth it if you want something different and special.

when you first open the bottle ( or pour) you smell the smokiness of the oak cubes, the first taste you get is chocolate, then the coffee hits you. I lightly carbonate this brew using only .75 ounces of corn sugar per gallon during bottling, over carbonization takes away from the mouth feel and warm notes this brew serves up, i also find that, if served cold, the flavors get more pronounced as it warms up...

Like I said in the intro, this one is a lot of work, and is something I only serve for special occasions, but like anything of quality, it's worth the effort -

Happy thanksgiving

A good run is better than a bad stand!
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Old 12-01-2022, 09:15 AM   #2
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now that is a recipe! and Winter is upon us. thanks for sharing Joe
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