View Full Version : Connecting Mono Leader to Braid

05-09-2005, 03:00 PM

What is your preference for connecting braid to mono? Do you use barrel swivels or tie directly? What knots do you prefer? What strength barrel swivels?

Thanks much


05-11-2005, 09:46 AM
Hi StriperDoc, depends on the situation, If you are spooling a reel, we use a little mono backing and the do a uni-uni knot to tie them together. If we are fishing braid off the rod and want to use a leader, we use a snap swivel at the end of the braid tied with a palomar knot and make up leaders with a spro barrel swivel either 60 lb test or 130lb I believe they are for heavier fishing, as they are smaller for the strength, to a mono or floro leader to a snap or hook depending on whether we are fishing live bait or pluggin.
We use palomar knots on every end of the braid except when tying the lines together and then we only use Uni to Uni. Never had either on fail on me yet.

We use power pro on all most every rod for every situation except wire line jiggin or lead core tubing. I have never had snaps or barrels fail on me when it comes to fishing. Especially pluggin, I want to be able to change that lure quickly not retie ever few minutes. Hope this answers your question.


schoolie monster
05-20-2005, 02:00 PM
I had a great test of the uni-uni braid to mono knot as several nice false albacore ran me into my mono backing.

I wasn't very confident in that knot until then.

I have no worries now as those albies were runaway freight trains on my light gear.

But definitely use a swivel for the leader cause you don't want any twist in your braid... braid twist is a nightmare.