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  1. Bill and Jules Guide Services
  2. Gurrantee and Inquiries
  3. In the paper
  4. Bass & Blues are In!!!
  5. Boat Action in Boston Harbor
  6. reservations
  7. Catch lots of fish Saturday
  8. Very impressed with Bill and Jules!!
  9. Boo
  10. Just put up 2004 & 2005 pics on site
  11. Striper Pospecting
  12. Got something for you guys to try this fall!
  13. Things are getting fishy!!!!!
  14. Where DA NEW BOAT?
  15. New Boat is ready to go!!!
  16. Connecting Mono Leader to Braid
  17. Fishing Reports!!!
  18. Fishing update!!!
  19. Last few days out!!
  20. New Web Site Forum!!!
  21. Shared Charters Available!!!!!
  22. The Fisherman No.28 July14th
  23. Reports from last week!!!
  24. TUNA BABY!!!
  25. Got Another Tuna!!!
  26. Tuna #3
  27. Striper and Tuna Update!!
  28. PM'S
  29. Tuna & Blues!!!
  30. Shared Trip Dates Available
  31. Boston Harbor Blitzes!!!!
  32. More Shared Trip Dates
  33. Pulling the boat!!!
  34. MSBA Annual Sport Fishing Expo!!!
  35. New Home Phone Number!!!
  36. 2006 Fishing Reports!!!
  37. What a Day!!!! Lots a fishies!!!!
  38. Big Bass in Boston!!!
  39. Fishing just keeps getting better!!
  40. Slow Bite, good fish!!!
  41. Fish Reports!!!!
  42. Fish News!!!
  43. Fish Report for last week!!!
  44. FLW Striper tournament!!!
  45. Fish report for this past week!!!
  46. Shared trip info!!!
  47. Fish report and shared trip opening!!!!
  48. Fish Report, TUNA and other info!!!
  49. Fish Report from last week!!!!
  50. Boston Harbor is On Fire!!!
  51. Their Back on the Cape
  52. Fish report from Sunday 5/06/07
  53. Boat is going In!!!!
  54. Fish Report for last week 5/20/07-5/28/07
  55. fish report for week 6-3-6/10!!!
  56. Fish report for the last 2 weeks of June
  57. Shared trip this sunday!!! 7/8/07
  58. Bass & Tuna Report!!!
  59. Fish Report for week of 8/05/07
  60. Shared trips dates available for Bass & Tuna!!!
  61. Fishing Update!!!
  62. Shared Trips dates Available!!!!
  63. The Harbor fall run is on!!!!!
  64. The Harbor is in fall fish mode, Bigtime!!!!!!
  65. It Just Can't Get Any Better!!!!
  66. Best Fall Run in a long time!!!
  67. Unbelievable is the only word for it!!!
  69. Shared trips available!!!!
  70. Wow what a SEASON!!!
  71. Bambi Report!!
  72. 2008 Season has begun!!!!
  73. The Bite is on!!!!
  74. Shared Trips!!!
  75. Shared Trip Memorial Day!!!
  76. Shared Trip Memorial Day!!!
  77. Lots of Big Bass in Boston Haba!!!!
  78. Shared Trip opening!!!
  79. Live Macks and Big Bass!!!!
  80. Fishing is still on a roll!!!!
  81. Ruff Sea's and Big Bass!!!
  82. What a Week!!! TUNA, Bass, Flounder!!!!!!!!!!!
  83. A tough couple of days!!!!
  84. Boston Saltwater Fishing is getting better!!!
  85. Big Bass & Bait Everywhere!!!!
  86. Another good day with some good fish!!!!
  87. Shared Trip Dates Available!!!
  88. More Dates for Shared Trips
  89. Fishing continues to be pretty good!!!!
  90. Oh there are some Big Bassies out there!!!
  91. Have a few openings for Shared Trips
  92. Shared Trip openings!!!
  93. New Shared Trip Dates Available
  94. AAAHHHH This Weather!!!! Fish Report
  95. Fishing Is getting better by the day!!!
  96. Boston Harbor is getting better by the day!!!!
  97. The Run Is On!!!!!!!!
  98. Couple of banner days on the water!!!
  99. Shared Trip Dates Available!!!
  100. Striped Bass Heaven, the bite continues!!!!
  101. Fishing Ups & Downs!!!
  102. Shared Trip or Private party dates available
  103. Unbelievable couple of days!!!
  104. Shared Trip or Private party dates available
  105. The Fish are still eating good!!!
  106. The fat lady might be singin her song!!!
  107. What a Great Season!!! Thanks Everybody!!!
  108. Seminar at Buzzards Bay Angler Club
  109. Its Almost Time to Rip Some Lips!!!
  110. Stripers Are in!!!
  111. Fish Report for 5/10/2009
  112. Cape cod fishing report for 5/18 & 5/19
  113. Boston Harbor Stiped Bass Report for 5/20
  114. Tough Weather week!!!
  115. Shared Trip Dates Available!!!
  116. Boston Harbor Striped Bass Report
  117. Open Spots on Shared trips!!!
  118. Thanks for a GREAT day
  119. Fish Report for the week of 6/7/09
  120. Shared Trip Openings!!!
  121. Lakawannafishy report!!!
  122. Fish Report for 6/17 - 6/30
  123. fish report for July 1st to July 10th
  124. Shared Trip Opening!!!
  125. Fish report for the past several weeks.
  126. Fishing is getting better!!!
  127. SHared Trip Dates Available
  128. Shared trip info!!!
  129. Alternative in the Canal
  130. Bite is getting Better!!!
  131. Fall run is coming soon!!!
  132. Shared Trip dates Available!!!
  133. Striped Bass & Tuna Report
  134. Shared Trip dates Available!!!
  135. Fall fishing is on fire!!!
  136. Boston Saltwater fishing is at its best right now!
  137. Shared Trip dates Available!!!
  138. The fat lady is singing, 2009 is all done!!!
  139. The fishies are back!!!
  140. Bluefish show on the Cape early!!!
  141. Boat is in the water!!! Time to rip lips!!!
  142. The Bite is getting better!!!
  143. Shared Trip dates Available!!!
  144. Boston Harbor Saltwater Fishing is On!!!
  145. Striped bass fishing still good in Boston Harbor!!!
  146. Shared trip dates available!!!
  147. Boston Harbor Saltwater fishing is on fire!!!
  148. Good Fishing and Shared Trip dates!!!
  149. Striper fishing still good, Shared trip dates available
  150. Big Cow bass in Boston Harbor!!!
  151. More Big Cow Stripers in Boston Harbor!!!
  152. Striper Fishing is still great!!! Shared trip dates
  153. Big Striped Bass and Chompin Big Bluefish!!!
  154. Shared trip opening tomorrow august 5th
  155. Boston harbor Striper fishing on fire!!! Trip dates available
  156. Shared trip openings!!!
  157. Fish Report and Trip Dates Available!!!
  158. Big Striped bass and Bluefish coming over the rail!!!
  159. Fat Striped Bass, what a great day, Fall Run is on!!!
  160. Shared or Private trip dates available!!!
  161. Some Big Stripers around!!! Shared trip dates available
  162. Stripers have the feedbag on!!!
  163. Thanks for a great season!!!
  164. 2011 Ready to roll, Time to rip some lips!!!
  165. Fish Report and Shared Trip Dates!!!
  166. Harbor fishing is Awesome right now!!!