View Full Version : AAAHHHH This Weather!!!! Fish Report

08-12-2008, 11:36 AM
Hi All, well the weather sure has not been cooperating very well this past 2 weeks, was off the water for 5 days straight and thought I was gonna bug out!!!

Hit the water last Monday and we were into 5-7 fters at the mouth of the harbor, so decided to try inside and the water was like chocolate milk, did not find any bait either so decided to fuel the boat up and try again.

But again did not happen until Saturday Morning, Well after being off the water so many days you kinda get out of the grove of whats happening out there. So we decided to go try and get some pogies for bait, which we did but it was slim pickins as there were alot of boats putting them down and they were pretty spread out so we only managed 1/2 a dozen. Which by the way, if you are by yourself is enough for 6 big bassies and you can only keep 2 so keep that in mind of you are fishing for yourself.

Not being outside the harbor for days I decided to take the pogies and run outside to see if the mackerel were still around as things can change in a hurry. Well all I can say is the Mackerel are definatly GONE. won't see then back now till November. Blues have moved in pretty well outside.

We ended up fishing the pogies were we had been fishing the mackerel to see if we could locate some big bass, 1st baits in the water and not 10 minutes goes by. Drag goes off, not hooked up, bait floats to the surface, Hmmm, Bluefish!!! Bring the bait back to the boat, sure enough, half a pogie. Set up
again, put the baits back, ZIIIIIIIING, double header, get them to the boat. Both bluefish in the 8-10 lb range.

So not wanting to use up all the bait in half an hour after all the work to get them we put out a shallow swimmer, Hot pink from Salty Bugger Lures. As soon as we got the lure and bait back, was about 5 minutes and the lure gets smacked, again, Bluefish.

We ended up with half a dozen blues in the 8-10 lb range, dropped on that was about 12 lbs and went thru all the bait in a hurry. But pound for pound those blues will fight harder than any bass you will put on the end of a line.

So it is now time to change game plans and shift to different fishing now that the mackerel are gone, I hate to see them go as it was a good run but we got pretty spoiled with them around as long as they were.

Blues have moved in pretty good all along the south side and north sides of he outer harbor as well as smaller ones in the inner harbor. Big Bass are starting to take up haunts in the inner harbor and things are starting to shape up well for the fall run. We should see the fishing really light up over the next 3 weeks and then look out baby!!!

Would be nice if the weather would stabilize a bit more but you can not change mother nature, just remember the fish don;t care if it rains, as they are already wet. so go get um!!!!