View Full Version : Lots of Big Bass in Boston Haba!!!!

05-27-2008, 05:16 PM
Well after many delays with the marina getting ready we are in the water and rockin!!!

We took the boat out on Sunday for a shakedown cruise and she is runnin top notch, it felt really good to have that salt air in my face again, winter was just too long.

We had clients yesterday and had a good time, the wind was up and the fish were hungry. We live lined mackerel and caught some nice chunky fish. got 6 nice bass, some fish in the high teens and the top 3 fish of the day were a
28 lber, a 30 lber and a 31 1/2 lber and 44 inches. I will post the pictures in the photo section of our site so you can check them out.

With all the bait around right now and fish inside and outside the harbor its lookin like this could really be a banner year. We have mackerel, pogies, and herring all over!!! So the food chain is here all we need is more fish movin in every day.

If you are thinking about a Shared Trip and not sure when you can go, send me your name and phone number or email and I will put you on an on call list for when I put potential dates together and I will send the dates that may work out best for you.

The time is now for some nice big mama bass!!!!