View Full Version : Fishing Ups & Downs!!!

09-23-2008, 11:43 AM
Well the weather is weird isn't it, this whole summer has been strange, anyway,
We had a few more good days of fishing since the last report. One day we had 2 clients catch 19 bass between 20 & 36 lbs and had one smaller bass around 33-34 inches. it was an awesome day with some real fattys out there. and about a dozen blues to 12 lbs to boot.

Saturdays trip was strange, after hammering these fish day after day and thinking that the fall blitzes are in full swing, you get humbled in a hurry. It took a while for the bait to show, so after trying for some early as it was a weekend day, we still had about a doz and half left from the day beofre so we went ahead and started fishing we figured if we ran out of bait we could maybe get some later in the day. We hit about 4 different spots and had no takers what so ever, the fish were there but had lock jaw again, we couldn't beleive it. it took us 8 hours on the water to finally pull 3 bass one around 18 lbs one around 22 lbs and one at 31 lbs. so it was like pulling teeth as they just would not feed.

Sunday we did a shore trip so we did not get out on the boat.

Yesterday was like pulling teeth again. we got bait, it took us a while as again they were not showing reel early in the morning, after we finally got enough to fish with we had almost lost the early tide, so we had only a few bite offs and some runs for a while, after the tide turned we did manage 4 blues to 11 lbs and one nice bass around 31 lbs and that was it. the fish were stacked and we tried everything but the just would not budge.

We will be on the water again tomorrow so hopefully they will have the feedbag on as the water temperature is dropping and this has got to put them in heavy feeding mode.

the bite has absolutley nothing to do with lack of bait or fish thats for sure. So get out there as the fat lady is singing and we probably will only have another month or so of good fishing,

I posted the new pictures in the photo section so check them out if you like.

I also have one Shared Trip opening on Friday so if you are interested give us a call.