View Full Version : Boston Saltwater Fishing is getting better!!!

07-12-2008, 08:41 AM
Hello all, sorry for the lack of reports but there had not been a whole lot going on in the catching catagory.

The past couple of weeks had been pretty slow, not sure if it was the weather pattern we were in with a chance of thunderstorms every freakin night or the change in feeding patterns as far as what the stripers are eating. After the great mackerel run we had in the spring things seemed like they came to a dead stop. One thing was for sure that is was not for the lack of bait.

There are tons of bait schools around this year and in all sizes, right now there are Squid, Blue Back Herring fry, larger Herring, big Pogies, and even the mackerel have shown up again, albeit mostly tinker macks with a few medium size macks in the mix. So the way I see it is all sizes of Stripers have food to eat. SO what happened, I have different theories but we will never really know.

The last few charters we did had very minimal results and some trips had no fish at all, even using live bait which is the fishes most natural meal.

But there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel at least for a now. We had a charter yesterday and had a pretty good day. We ended up working outside the harbor on the Boston Light side and found small mackerel everywhere. So we jigged some up and put them in the live well and hit a few more spots looking for bigger macks even farther out but mostly all we got all day were good size tinkers. Well just remember the little mackerel taste just the same as the big ones do to the fishies.

Within minutes of putting the 1st baits out on the troll we picked up a nice big Bluefish at 12lbs and fat. Then we kept heading south east of the harbor and just covering the ledges and had a steady pick of bass all day. It was not a crazy bite but every ten minutes or so we would hook up. The fish are not as big as they were earlier right now as most of the Striped Bass were schoolies and a we had 3 small keepers in the mix, but you get what you get and I'll take it.

We ended up getting around a dozen Stripers and 2 big blues for the day. This was a Shared Trip and the guys were great, they had a blast as 2 of the guys had never caugth a Striper before. One of the other fellows got his biggest Striped Bass and biggest Bluefish to date and the 4 th guy got his biggest Bluefish to date so they were some happy campers at the end of the trip and it was nice to get away from the frustrating fishing that had been going on and finally put a few fish in the box for the clients. You just never know from one day to the next how the Boston Harbor Saltwater Fishing is gonna be.

So I never give up, all you can do is be versitile in your presentations to the fish wether it be artificial lures, trolling lures, Live bait, tube and worm, wire line jiggin, whatever it takes as the fish feed different every day. We have invested alot of money in gear so that we do have more options out there as one day the bite could be totally different than the day before, just like this week. So be prepared and don't be afraid to make a change and see what happens. I have put the latest pictures up on the site for those who would like to check them out.

Tight lines!!!!