View Full Version : Fish report for this past week!!!

07-15-2006, 10:23 AM
Well the fishing is getting better, We did a charter out of Plymouth on another fellows boat on Tuesday and it was good to see what was happening in CCB, We headed off to a few numbers a friend gave me and on the 1st troll with deep divers, (Mann's 25 +) and CD 18 mackerel pattern we nailed a striper around 19 lbs. Then came the dog fish, after hitting a few of them trolling we decided to hit the race as this fellow wanted us to teach him some new techniques. We got to the race and got a few 6-8 lb blues right away, ton of bait around as usual, did not get any bass there and the sky started to get black so we headed back to Plymouth and that was about it.

had to cancel Thursdays trip cause of weather again.:crying:

Went out yesterday and did pretty good, had a trip out on our own boat, got about a dozen fish under keeper size then wham, picked up 2 fish back to back, one was 30 1/2 lbs and the other was 32 lbs. These fish were covered with sea lice so there are definatley new fish moving in. All fish were caught on wire line and parachute jigs, if you want the big gals right now you gotta go deep.:kewl:

Have another trip tomorrow so hopefully we will get a few more big bassies!!!