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07-18-2008, 04:40 PM
I don't know what happended over the past several weeks because the fishing was slow, but all I can say is thats not happening right now. Even though the weather has been very hot, so has the fishing!!!

Over the past week we have changed some tactics and started fishing outside the harbor as the inside is really tough right now in some places. There is so much bait around on the north side of the harbor that it is insane!!!! I mean we have pogies, herring, herring fry, and MACKEREL< yes Mackerel . I am just amazed at how much bait fish is here, which for the fishery is a great thing as all this will do is keep the fish here and draw more fish in, and it will also creat some really healthy fat fish out there which is a nice thing to see.

The reason the inner harbor is so tough on some days and not others is that fish are full for the most part and have to eat then digest, they are not bluefish which can chew there food so they need time for it to decompose in there little bellies and then they will feed again so don't get too frustrated as that is the reason. I hear alot of people saying there are just no fish around, they are here trust me .

This past week we have had a mixed bag of big fish and alot of smaller fish as well. We have been fishing live mackerel and it is working well for us for now. We have caught over the last several days fish from under keeper size to 37lbs. But at least the fish are hungry. If you are marking fish and they won't eat move around, you never know what you will find.

I really thought at the beginning of the season that this was gonna be one for the books as far as fishing being better than in the past 20 years, then my hopes went down a little when we had some tough fishing for 2 weeks, even had a skunk or 2 and I don't like it but it happens. But now I still beleive it is just gonna get better. We could still go thru some slow spells into August but maybe not!!!. But I do think it is gonna end with a huge bang.

Rumors are flying of football tuna starting to show in the bank, when that happens the big bass and bluefish out there will be put on the move. The other thing is we could end up with alot of football tuna right in our back yard, as yesterday I had never seen so much bait this time of year as I did out on the boat.

We have alot of good dates available for trips so if your interested give us a call or shoot us an email. I will also be putting up some potential dates for Shared Trips, if you are interested in those dates call me. If those dates do not work for you email me and I will add you to an ongoing list of people interested in doing shared trips.

You can also check out the new pictures of the fish we have been getting in the photo section of our web site at

Tight Lines!!!