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08-25-2008, 06:56 PM
Hi All, Well the fishing is on the verge of breaking wide open for the fall run. Everything seems to be falling into place. There is a ton of bait around from small peanut bunker to big bunker ie. Pogies and herring in different sizes and even some rumors of squid. So all we need now is for the water temp to start dropping a few degrees and look out baby!!!!!!!!!

The past week or so we have been doing pretty good, we have been getting plenty of live bait to fish as in Big Pogies, and there are a ton of Bluefish hanging with the big schools of bait right now and the big bass are down underneath just feeding when they want.

We have been catching many blues and a few good bass a day so now is the time to get ready for the best part of the season. We are catching blues between 8-12 lbs that fight unbelievable for their size and some clients who have never caugth one can not beleive it. They have beatin up some clients pretty good as a few days we caugth over 30 bluefish. We have been also getting some really nice bass as well. I did a trip with a client and now friend Pam Kearney the other day as she caught her bigges bass to day which was just shy of 40 lbs. What a fatty!!!

We have also had days with many bass between 18 & 30 lbs so they are here they are just playing a little hard to get so you have to work for them a little harder, but that will change soon as we are only a few weeks away from bait getting blasted into the air.

There is nothing more awesome to see than when a 30 plus pound bass comes crashes up on the surface to grab a big Pogies it is unreal to watch and see the the bait going back and forth on the surface then BAM!!! Fish on.

The Tuna bite is also on bigtime right now so if we get out I will post some pictures and reports but the NW corner has been delivering some really nice footballs in the 100- 180 lb range and some are hitting topwater plugs and vertical jigs and the big squid bars are the game right now as well as live Bluefish for Giant tuna.

We have some good dates still available for the fall run as it should go into Nov 1st just like last season, as will the tuna bite. If you are interested in a charter or want to get in on one of our shared trips just give us call and we will get you scheduled.

I have added some new photos so check them out.

Hope to see you out there with tight lines!!!!

08-25-2008, 07:38 PM
That's great to hear Jules!!