View Full Version : Fish report and shared trip opening!!!!

08-01-2006, 11:26 AM
Well the fihsing has been pretty consistent the past couple of weeks, we did have one day we got the big skunkaroo, but the wind was howling east and it was foggie and cold.

Last week we had several pretty successful trips. All the fishing lately has been wire line and parachute jigs down deep. we are picking up a few nice keepers every trip, plus some smaller fish in the mix. Took out Topwater and his wife on Sunday and she proceeded to kick his butt with a nice 18 1/2 lber, while Topwaters biggest fish was nice it was only about 17 lbs. LOL

We did do a run outside to look for some big chopper blues but did not find any north, so this week were gonna look south as I have heard there are a few starting to show.

There is a lot of little fry in the rivers so in a few weeks things should go gang busters.

We have an opening this friday August 4th for 2 people to fill up a shared trip. If anyone is interested please give us a call ASAP as it is
1st come 1st serve. 617-633-6738

The shared trip cost is $125 per person for 5 hours.

I will post the new pics on our site from the last few trips out, if you want to see them you can view them at