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05-31-2005, 01:59 PM
:bl: Had a great weekend of fishing after the blow from you know where. Had my parents here for a week of vacation and the left a week early. But we got out Saturday and hit the cape with a shore charter in the Chatam area. Got about 40 bass one 30 inch keeper in the bunch, but caught alot of them on top water so it was a ball, aslo had alot of double headers with our teaser rigs.

Sunday had a 1/2 day charter in the harbor and the fishing was tough. Got alot of live mackerel to live line but only ended up with 1 20 lb striper to show for all the work that went into it. The water temp was cool and the NE wind didn't help things either.

Went out Monday and had much better fishing. We ended up jiggin up about 60 macks and caught 8-10 bass between 15 & 20 lbs, so there are more big fishing moving in every day. The next several week should be some big girls fallen to the macks with nice sizes in the mix. Time to get out there if you
want a big fishie!!!!

The shore fishing on the cape is red hot right now!!!!

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05-31-2005, 02:19 PM
thanks for the update! :bounce: