View Full Version : The fat lady might be singin her song!!!

10-14-2008, 04:47 PM
Hi All sorry for the lack of posts but I was out almost every day for the past week and a half.

We had some good days and some slow days but the fat lady might be singing her song as the last couple of days are seeing some sparse results in the fish catagory, still plenty of bait around and some fish but the bite was a little on the slow side.

Here is how the count has broken down over the past week,
Last Tuesday we caught 8 bass between 15 & 30 lbs and 10 bluefish
between 6 & 13 lbs.
Wed we had a few novices on board but we still managed to get some nice fish to the boat, we caught 3 bass a 20lber, 23lber and a 28lber
dropped a few really nice fish due to angler error but that is how you learn to do it the right way.
Thursday was a good day, rainy in the morning we had a good bite going, and then it was like the lights went out, but still managed to get several nice bass between 18 & 25 lbs, as well as a handfull of blues around 8-10 lbs,
Saturday we got a day to play and only managed 3 bass and a couple of blues, one bass was the smallest we have gotten in a while which was right around 30 inches. The largest bass was around 22 lbs,
Sunday was supposed to be a shared tuna trip, but got cancelled, So we bass fished instead, all I can say is I wish we had gone for Tuna. It was insane out in the harbor, more boats out than I have seen all season and it was ugly to say the least. People driving over other peoples lines, guys wrapping their props with line from the pogies going under the boat, people driving over huge pods of bait that they could not see. Sometimes I really hate the weekends!!!

Because of all the boats out it took a while to get bait as you can imagine about 60 boats in the same general area driving all over it. which just keeps
it down, one person see's another boat throw a snaggin hook and figures
well he must have bait there and flies over it.

Anyway we only managed a few fish as well, we got 3 bass 2 just over the legal size limit and one around 22 lbs. We managed about 5 blues at the end of the afternoon and that was it.

Moday we had a charter and there were not as many boats around which made it alot better. We had enough bait left from the day before so we just went out and had at it, we marked alot of bait and fish in one of the rivers but the fish must have been on the feed all night as they had lock jaw bigtime.

So we decided to head out and hit a few spots that had been producing for us and got the big SKUNK< I know some bass were caught by other people out there but it was few and far between and the fish just would not eat as we were marking them in all most every spot we hit and we hit quite a few.

So only time will tell if the fat lady is singing, we will hit it again tomorrow and thursday and see what we find. If the fishing is still happening I will post
some more dates but if it isn't we will probably call it a season, so we shall see!!! I will put up the photos from the past week up on the site for you to check out.