View Full Version : Another good day with some good fish!!!!

07-21-2008, 10:53 AM
Well we hit the water again yesterday to play and had a good day, we are still fishing live mackerel that is everywhere right now. Hit the spot I have been fishing outside the harbor and had probably 18 small fish for the day under keeper size. But we also got 2 small keepers, one around 37 inches, the other just at 34 inches, I caugth a 27 lber and Bill got a nice fat 37 lber. So there are some big fish in the mix, you just need to keep working the area's were the bait is and hope you can pick thru the small fish to get some decent size bassies. Have not found any blues out there this week at all, which is strange as we had them in over a week ago and some really big ones to 12 lbs, but they must have moved back offshore or north is all I can figure.

There is so much bait around that it is unreal out there. If you have bait and are working fish that will not eat, move and try another spot where you might find some hungry fish.

I put the new pictures up in the photo section for you to check out at .
I am also gonna put a post up with potential shared trip dates next, so if you are interested, look at the dates and give us a call if you want to get out there.