View Full Version : Couple of banner days on the water!!!

09-15-2008, 09:05 AM
All I can say is awesome couple of days. On Saturday we did a charter and had a great family on board, We did quite well with 5 nice bass from 15lbs to 31lbs and had about 10 or so blues from 5-10 lbs, also had quite a few bite offs and misses due to the learning curve. It was a great day but the bite had slowed at the end due to slack tide.

Yesterday was nothing short of amazing, we took out 2 guys from Mass Maritime Academy and ripped some major lips. It was freakin raining and windy all day, but those days can be the best fishing you will ever have. Remember the fish are already wet!!!

Total for the trip which we fished about 3 1/2 hours after getting bait before we called it as the box was full of fish was 19 bass from 33 inches to 34lbs. 12 Bluefish from 6-12 lbs and a sh## Load of grins as we fished with the guys. We had a blast and the cheetos grins from these fellows will last for a while. I have put the pictures up on the site for all to see. Hope you enjoy them.

If you want to get out and catch some nice bass, now is the time as it just does not get any better than right now, at least I don't think so LOL.

We have dates available for trips and we will be fishing till Nov 1st so if you are intested in a Shared trip or Private trip call soon.

Tight Lines!!!:musc: