View Full Version : Ruff Sea's and Big Bass!!!

06-09-2008, 04:39 PM
Well we had a charter on Friday and what a day it turned out to be. We headed out at 5 am in rain and a call for heavy rain, but they were calling for light winds. So the crew from the charter said they didn't care about the rain, so off we went. When we got to Hull Gut there were 4-5 ft swells from the strong tides and wind we had the day before. As we got farther out the swells got a bit bigger but finally after we got out of the mouth of the harbor they were only around 3-4 ft, so it was fishable. We had some bait left that we started with because it was hard to find the bait early, within a few minutes of putting the baits in the water we were hooked up. We caught quite a few fish up to 26 lbs and then one fish comes in at 48 inches and scales 36 lbs. Then another fish comes in at 46 inches and 34 lbs. So the crew is pumped except for one who is on the bow a little green and ill to say the least. This guy was a trooper who hung in there for his buds for a while in the sloppy weather but it was time to get him in as I was not liking the way he was looking and we needed to get him back to land. So we headed back in and dropped him off at the dock, fortunatly he came around by the time we got in the no wake zone as I was really concerned. We told the guys we would head back out if they wanted too and give them an extra hour of fishing time because we lost an hour coming in and going back out. We headed back out to the numbers I was fishing and the bite was still going on good. We ended up with 18 bass for the day. Most fish were in the 24-36 lb class but we also had a few bass under 18 lbs. But it ended up being an awesome day on the water.

Saturday we took a client out on their own boat as they have chartered with us several times but were still having trouble hook up to fish. We headed out to the Graves and found bait all over the place, both big macks and ticker macks or spike mackerel some people call them. We loaded his live well with probably 40 macks in 20 min and off to fish we went, I just moved a short ways away from the masses of bait and we hooked up right away. One of the youger guys in the group caugth his 1st bass ever and it weighed in at 26 lbs, now that will put a cheetos grin on your face. We fished for another 3 hours and had 9 fish total, the 2 biggest fish weighed in at 31 1/2 lbs and 30 pounds but all fish were big and fat. We had a ball.

Sunday we went out to play in the morning early as we were scheduled to do a shore trip in the afternoon. So we figured we would go out for a little while and come back in early. when we got to the mouth of the harbor there were birds pickin and high flying everywhere, we didn't see anything surfacing so we figured it might be bait, sure enough. there was a ton of macks there. we loaded the live well in half an hour and headed out off the bait to fish. We only fished for about 3 hours and caught a dozen fish some just around 18-20 lbs but several in the 25 - 30 lbs class. It was a good move and we had a ball, too bad we had to reschedule the shore trip due to thunderstorms.

The fishing just seems to be getting better by the day. You can check out the new pictures in the photo section. I am finally starting to mark alot of bait and fish in the rivers which were very quiet up until now. I hope the bluefish do not move up to our neck of the woods too soon with all this warm weather or the mackerel will be by by!!!

Its Ok if it happens because it always does, then you just have to switch tactics and go find some pogies or get out some wire line jiggin or trolling artificials and beat um up that way.

If anybody is interested in any trips, either shared or 1/2 and full day bookings give us a call as we still have plenty of good dates available. with all the bait around this year, this could be one of the best years we have seen in Boston Harbor in a long time.

I also got word that the tuna are showing on the Bank so if anybody wants to get out and get some Bluefin Tuna, give us a call as we can do that as well!!!!