View Full Version : Boston Harbor is getting better by the day!!!!

09-09-2008, 05:52 PM
Well hello all and sorry for the lack of updates, I had my Mom here on vacation for a couple of weeks and was also busy with a few trips but at that time the bite was on the slow side. Now don't take that the wrong way. There are plenty of fish to be had in Boston Harbor but as of last week they had lock jaw bigtime and they were very picky. We had to resort to Chunkin fresh dead pogies with the lightest drag possible to get the bass to take and them try to stick um before they dropped the bait.

We did not get alot of numbers of bass, and they also varied in size from sublegal to 24 lbs. There is also no lack of blues around as they are freakin everywhere and reakin havoc with the live baits.

I had a quick 4 day trip to PA to take my Mom back home and got back yesterday. Hit the water today and there were fish on the feedbag, but the wind was brutal so we had trouble setting up on the fish like we wanted. We did manage many blues but dropped 3 really nice bass before we had to head in due to 30 kt winds and thunderstorms.

We have talked to a few of our fishing buddies out there and as of the past several days the BITE IS ON, they have had fishing just like the fall run last year so hopefully tomorrows trip will be an epic one. We have all been waiting for the fishing like last fall, it is starting to happen and should get better every day now. The water is still on the warm side so that could explain the little bit of late start to the run as we are about a week or so off of last years great bite. So don;t give up hope. There is a ton of bait here and the fishing is just gonna go bonkers!!!

I will try and put up posts as often as I can over the coming days and weeks. And put up any new photos I have. I did have some nice shots of fish but accidently deleted them while trying to film some nice big bucks down in PA for my dad. OH WELL!!!!

We are also gonna post some more shared trips dates as well, I have a couple in the works but will update the site with dates in a day or so. If you are interested in a particular date or shared trips. Give us a call and we will get you booked.

See ya on the water!!!