View Full Version : Fishing Update!!!

08-23-2007, 09:54 AM
Ok Folks, well the fishing is on the edge of breaking wide open for the fall run. We are still taking some nice fish on live Pogies, and the top water action is just starting to happen in the Harbor as the Herring fry and Baby Pogies are starting to really thicken up. So now is the time to get out there and do some trips. We have great dates available now for this most exciting time of the season so call soon and get booked for the run.

The Tuna Bite is also starting to pick up so we are gonna go get um. If you are interested in a Tuna trip either private or shared give us a call and we will get you out there. :lurk: The whale show lately has been incredible to say the least.

:devil: We went for tuna last Sunday on the SWC, there were a ton of whales, bait, dolphins, and yes tuna. The only problem was there was so much sea grass in the water, you could not keep the rigs clean for even a full minute so unfortunately we did not hook up but the bite is on and happening and should get better right thru mid to late October.

I will be posting some shared trip dates available in another post so check the dates and see if they work for you and we will get you out there and hooked up!!!