View Full Version : Fall run is coming soon!!!

09-12-2009, 11:38 AM
Hi All, Well you have to love this freakin weather we have had this year, We just can't seem to get a break, it is either rain or wind. Hopefully though these last few days of NE blow will be pushing in the bait fish and fish and the bite should be breakin wide open any day now.

We were out Monday for another tuna trip, we fished deep divers and live pogies. Most of the morning was pretty quiet, but we were marking tuna all day. Just when you think it is not going to happen. Boom fish on!!!!! We put Joe up on the rod as he had never caught a tuna before. This was a pretty good fish as it was holding its own for about a 1/2 hour.

Then Joe started to try and put some added pressure on the fish by thumbing the line and horsing the rod. One thing I have to tell people is, this is not Striped Bass and Bluefish fishing. This is Bluefin tuna fishing. You should NEVER play with the line or try and horse the fish. The tuna is already under alot of pressure with the drags preset. This fish was hooked up on a 30 class reel and had Jinkai 40 lb test line on it. UNfortunately the fish broke off right at the boat, we were probably another 5 min or so from gaffing the fish and it was about a 140 lb class tuna. BUMMER!!!!!!!!!

We are supposed to have a tuna fishing charter again tomorrow but it will all depend on the seas as they are pretty big out there right now,

The Striped Bass and bluefish are starting to pick up a bit and with these last full moon tides and this blow we should have alot of bait pushing back inshore and then look out because we are gonna bust wide open any day now to some of the best fishing of the season.

I will be putting up another post about shared trip dates, I also have some good dates for private trips as well so give us a call or send us an email and we will get you scheduled, as dates will be going fast this time of year.