View Full Version : Fish Report for week of 8/05/07

08-04-2007, 05:05 PM
Hi All, well the fishing has been hot and cold but yesterday we had an interesting day when we were out getting pogies for a trip tomorrow. Bill and I ended up with 3 nice fish, one was a 10 1/2 lb Bluefish Bill caught on a pensil popper in shallow water. We also took 2 nice bass, one was 18 lb and I also got one which was 29-30lbs on a live pogie while snaggin as I was trying to get the pogie in the live well. Not a bad day at all, and all fish were fresh with sea lice so that means there are still fish coming into the harbor. I put the pictures up in the photo section.

There is alot of small bait around which looks to be herrring fry showing up so it won't be long and the topwater action in the harbor will be on fire. I give it about 2 weeks and we will start seeing the fish start to feed for the fall run.

There are still plenty of adult pogies around, if you can snag them you definatley have a shot at a large bass. Tube and worm has been producing as well. the water is quite warm out there, it was 75 degrees the other day, so lookout as the fall run will be on us before you know it. I will be posting some shared trip dates on our web site for Bass and Blues as well as tuna so if anybody is interested give us a call.

The Tuna bite is off and on, but if you aren't fishin for um you can't catch um.
Best Regards,