View Full Version : Live Macks and Big Bass!!!!

06-01-2008, 05:19 PM
Well the last few outings have been pretty good with a few dozen fish combined. In the past 3 trips we have only been live lining mackerel and doing pretty good. Most of the fish are averaging between 25lbs - 32lbs with a few smaller keepers in the mix and a few really good ones on the didn't get landed. We sure would have like to seen the fish we had on a few days ago that almost spooled the reel and just came undone, sometimes it happens but I would bet my lunch that that fish was well over 40 if not close to 50 lbs. Felt bad for the client but he did everything right, sometimes it just doesn't go your way and a fish like that will haunt you forever, LOL.

Today was absolutely beautiful out, which sometimes is good for the fisherman but not so good for fishing. After the blow yesterday the water was a bit dirty today, the macks were scarce but there if you got out early, the fish were scarce as well, We only landed 3 fish today but had several more hits and runs and angler errors that prevented some more fish from hitting the deck, but the only way you are gonna land a fish is to learn how to do it right. But overall it was a slow day for everybody out there.

That is why we teach alot because some people have never been taught the proper way to hold the rod let alone set the hook, or fight the fish, but when it all comes together, life is good and when the fish comes to the boat and lands on the deck and they are in the size class we have been getting, clients just can't beleive it!!!

The pictures are finally up in the photo section of the web site for those of you who would like to check them out. We are doing quite a few trips over the next couple of weeks but have some good opening dates available and I also have some spots open on Shared Trips so if your interested either email me or give me a call and we will get you booked.