View Full Version : Fish Reports!!!!

06-17-2006, 09:03 AM
:D Well the fishing has been interesting over the past several weeks. Between the heavy rains and wind dirtying up the water and stiring up the bait, things were a bit tough out there.

Last week we had some nice bass up to 32 lbs and as the days went on the bass got a bit smaller, still keeper size but on Thursday the biggest fish was around 15 lbs. and the fishing got spotty.

The mackerel are still around if you can find them but they are on the way out. Some pollack have been around to save the day but things are starting to trasition to summer fishing. Blue's have moved in outside the harbor, some really big choppers in deep water. Some smaller blues have been inside the harbor for a few weeks. there are also some really nice bass inside the harbor so when the water clears the game will be on.

We still have some great dates for charters available for those interested.

You can check out the new pictures from the last couple of weeks on our web site at