View Full Version : Oh there are some Big Bassies out there!!!

07-31-2008, 05:39 PM
The last 2 days have been short of awesome.

Monday we took a few friends out on the boat to play and we had a pretty good day, caugth a handfull of smaller keepers and also about 4-5 shorts but we also got a 20 lber, 25lber, and a fat 37 lber and a 39 lber. So I will put the pictures up in the photo section.

Tuesday I took out my friend Pam and we hammered the fish. We started jiggin mackerel for bait at 5:30am and headed out to fish and within the 1st 15 min we had 2 fish to the boat, one was a small keeper about 32 inches and the other was around 26 lbs, and it just got better from there. We caught about 12 keepers for the day, 7 of the fish were from 35 inches to 25 lbs. We also got a couple of 8 lb bluefish and one small Blue around 4 lbs not a bad day at all. I am pretty beat up today as we just could not seem to leave the fishing and never got home till 6:30 pm.

We also saw a ton of small bait on the surface, most likely herring but not sure as it is a little early for them and a little early for baby bunker. but some of these pods were definatly getting fed on as they would spray out of the water on the surface. The bluefish we caught did not throw any up to see what they were.

We have also seen about 10 finback whales and one humback whale just a few miles outside Boston Harbor and they are chowing big time with all the bait around. It could not get any flatter out there on the water the last 2 days either as there was no wind at all. It was absolutely beautiful out. I did not take any pictures of the fish we caught yesterday as I have enough pictures of both of us with good fish.

If you are interested in any trips please give us a call as I have some good weekday and weekend dates available, also a few posts down on the report section I have listed some potential shared trip dates so if you want to get out there just call or email us and we will get you scheduled.

tight lines!!!!