View Full Version : The Fish are still eating good!!!

10-02-2008, 03:35 PM
Hi All, well the Striped Bass and Bluefish are still eating well. We went out on Monday and Tuesday and did well.

We were not sure how it was going to be after all the rain and wind from the weekend but you won't find out sitting at home. Monday we got bait right off the bat so that is a blessing as the longer it takes to get the bait the less fishing time you have.

We headed out to fish a spot we fished last week and did so well at and it was rocking and a rollin with swells to at least 10 ft and some a little on the steep side so we fish out off the edge of were we fished last week and could not get in close enough to fish it the way we wanted. We decided to move and when I looked around I saw a huge pod of something getting pushed to the surface. I thought it was a pod of pogies but the birds were coming down on the bait and usually you do not see too many birds come down on pogies as they just can't eat them.

When we got close we thru out the snaggin hooks as it really looked like a real tight pack of bait. Well it was not bait, it was the tightest ball of schoolie stripers I have ever seen. The brids were coming down from above and the fish were pushed to the surface. But I did not see what they were eating, it looked like they may have been slurping krill as it just was not big enough to see like peanuts or even silver sides. so it was weird. We were marking some big bass underneath them so we put out some big baits and tried trolling around them but all we picked up were a few small bluefish.

We decided that it was futal as we did not want to go thru a bunch of bait for small blues, so we decided to move and a good move it was. We went to the other side of the harbor and set up for fishing. From the time we got there for the next 4 hours we had a fish on every pass. We ended up with 9 bass, between 20 & 30 lbs and over a dozen bluefish some around 10 lbs.

Tuesday was a bit different as it took us a while to get bait because people keep driving over it and pushing it down deep. once we got enough we decided to go fish. We headed to another spot that had been producing for us and hit them right away, we fished for about 2 hours and got 8 bass, and 1 small bluefish. One striped bass was around 18 lbs and real fat, the rest ranged in the 25-28lb class and fat and stout. so it was another good day.

There is still plenty of bass around, but if you do not have the big baits they are tough to come by. Still quite a bit of bait around, you just have to work a little to get it. We have not seen many surface feeds this fall which is weird as we had alot of baby bunker around about 3 weeks ago and now they seem non existant so it is a bit weird to say the least.

We still have good dates available for trips, we have alot of shared trips lining up right now so if you might be interested give us a shout, and we have private trips as well. I will post the pictures from Tuesday as Monday we never took a picture, Hey I was too busy having fun. LOL

Tight lines,