View Full Version : Fish Report, TUNA and other info!!!

08-17-2006, 06:36 PM
Well the bite is getting better in Boston Harbor, we had a few trips last week, we only managed a few bass, but some we decent size in the 18 lb range. We also caught a very interesting species last week on a deep diver inside Boston Harbor. Got a beautiful Black sea bass, could not believe it when it came to the boat. I will post the most recent photo's on our web site at in the photo section.
Since the bass bite has been a little on the slow side so we decided to start exploring outside the harbor. We ran down south to Minot's Light area the last few days and hammered the Blue Fish. We caught them on deep divers, like CD 18's and CD 14's, also on Mann's 25+ deep diver. Chartrues is the best color, also orange and chartrues was very effective.
The blue's were puking up baby bunker so the time has come and the fish will start feeding bigtime, there is also alot of bait up in the local rivers, which includes, silver sides, baby herrin, and baby bunker. Over the next few weeks things will break wide open and the run will be on. Its already on is some places south!!! So the time is now to get out and enjoy some of the best fishing of the season.

Its also TUNA time and we will be starting the tuna runs next week as the bank is heating up, time for some screemin reels!!!

I have some opening now for shared Tuna Trips, which are $350 per person,plus Tip. We are only taking 4 people at a time on the shared trips, full trips we will take up to 6. These Offshore trips are for 10 hours. If you are interested give us a call or drop us an email and we will put the trip together. If we get tuna it will be split between all participants on board.

I am also getting alot of calls for shared Striped Bass & Bluefish trips, if you would rather due this type of trip, it is a 5 hour trip and price is $125 per person, plus TIP. again if you are interested give us a call as I have some people waiting to fill trips.

Its that time of year folks and the best is yet to come so get out there and hit the water.

We will be fishing the FLW tounament this coming Saturday, hopefully we will do well and the fish gods will be with us!!! Good luck to everybody else who is participating.