View Full Version : SHared Trip Dates Available

08-14-2009, 10:25 AM
Hi All I am going to put a list of dates up for shared trips for Striped Bass/Bluefish

If you are interested the price is $150 per person, which includes the tip. These will be 4 person trips. If you see a date that works for you please email me or call me and we will try and fill that date. I need at least 3 people per date to make it cost effective. If I cannot fill the date I will have to rechedule you to another date that may work for you. but let me know any way if you are intersted in a date as the fall run is going to be kicking in pretty soon so the fishing is just going to get better by the day.

16th Sunday - 5:30 am
20th Thursday - 5:30 AM
23rd Sunday - 5:30 am
24th Monday - 5:30 am
27th Thursday - 5:30 AM
31St Monday - 5:30am

IF you like any of these dates please let me know ASAP and we will try and
fill the boat.

I also have a few people interested in a Shared Trip for BLuefin Tuna. I can book any of these dates for that as well, but the leaving time will be 4:30 am and will be a long day offshore, cost will be $225 per person plus tip. The bite out on the tuna grounds is out of site right now, so if you want to get out and test your stamina with one of these bad dogs of the neighborhood let me know and we will get you scheduled. If these dates do not work out for Tuna we can schedule other dates as well.

Now is the time to get out on the water as the fishing has been getting better by the day!!!