View Full Version : How much thread?

01-20-2012, 11:53 PM
Another question.

How do I determine how much thread I need?

I hate running out of thread while I'm tying jigs, but it's not an issue cause I usually only use two colors and have a lot of them in house.

I want to buy enough to do an 11ft surf rod, concept guide layout.

Any tips?



01-21-2012, 07:30 AM
All that will be discussed at the rodbuilding class but a short answere is to buy a 1 OZ spool (will do several rods and you almost always use black of size A black and the smallest spool of each color you want to add in. Now you can use size D or C in black but the work will look better if you use A.

Typical....a 1 OZ spool of black size A , a small spool of gold metallic...maybe a smalll spool of gold verigated.

With this you can build several rods with gold and black guide wraps and a nice gold and black cross wrap.

At the first class we will discuss what colors you want and I will get them for the following class where we'll start talking about wrapping. First class will be pretty busy and we will discuss a lot of stuff but only put the butt section wrap on and mount the reel seat. It will kill the whole time getting 7 peoples reel seats mounted