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10-17-2016, 12:56 PM
I was walking around Jamaica Pond yesterday and noticed that someone had taken the time to "create" some interesting rock sculptures along the shoreline. The water levels are really low, as they are everywhere, and the rocks were exposed on the receding shoreline.
I applaud the artistic endeavor, as these rock piles reminded me of the cairns one would find along a trail where there are no trees,

My concern is that these rocks are no longer lying on the ground, but rather, piled up. When the water levels do return to their normal levels, these sculptures will have changed the ecosystem of the pond because they will not be providing as much shelter for the insects and aquatic creatures that would normally be found under them. This means that a large portion of the shallow shoreline won't have sufficient food for the fish in the pond. Mind you that the pond is big enough, but if that large section of shoreline is barren (of food) the fish will move elsewhere to forage, and make that section a proverbial wasteland. (of course it won't be immediate, but it will have an effect.)