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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
Should stand .. it doesn't say you will stand or must stand ... because as Americans you have freedom of choice or are we North korea now?
TDF never said, or even implied, that anyone should be compelled to stand. Paul asked if there was a code, and there is, and TDF posted it. He answered the question EXACTLY as it was asked. I know that a direct answer to a direct question isn't something that liberals have an easy time recognizing, but that's what it was.

It's a free country. They are free to kneel without fear of getting arrested. Fans are free to get offended by it. And because they are in the entertainment industry, if they offend enough fans, the owners are probably free to fire anyone who does it, if they want to. If I act in a way that hurts my company's bottom line, they can fire me, even if I'm not breaking any laws. I can't walk around with a t-shirt that says my company stinks, and expect to keep my job.

I would never support a law that made it a crime to kneel during the anthem. But I would be very happy if they all got fired for doing it. Having the legal right to do something, and having the right to do it while at work without fear of consequence, are two very different things.
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