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Originally Posted by JackK View Post
I'm with RIJ. Thought it was pretty mediocre, actually.

It seemed like they were trying SO hard to tie it into LOTR- unnecessary, it just detracted from the story. It's way too long- the movie smacks of hollywood producers saying "the last three movies made us a bajillion dollars, lets make this one a trilogy too!" Nevermind the fact that the Hobbit is about a half of the length of a single LOTR entry... They added too much unnecessary backstory to the Hobbit to stretch it out, and cut too much out of LOTR to fit it in...

Plus, I really think there was just too much fighting. I'm all for action, there was just gratuitous amounts. Part of the charm of the Hobbit was how they solve problems with wit versus weapons- the troll camp, for example. In the movie it's just "RAWR LETS HIT IT WITH AN AXE". I know they need to make it more "actiony" for the big screen but it seemed to do a disservice to the source material.

But for all of this, it's good to see Tolkien on the big screen. I'll still see the other entries because I'm a Tolkien nut. Definitely recommend just seeing the 2D version- there really wasn't anything added in the iMax 3d version other than a couple arrows whizzing by. Save the loot.

wow, good synopsis! I too thought it was too action oriented. I explained to my kids that the Hobbit was sort of a witty, humorous adventure story. All the LOTR tie ins detracted from the main story. Im with you also on Tolkien on the big screen, I really enjoy watching after growing up on these books.

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