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Originally Posted by Pete F. View Post
Who called Trump Hitler, this was written in 2010.

You posted it in 2018. I assumed you were trying to apply the article to current events. Does the Godwin effect no longer apply?

Where in the Constitution does it say anything about Christianity?
Or anything that would prohibit the practice of any religion?

How large do you want the Constitution to be? The Constitution limits the power of government. Any government that is unlimited, all-powerful, would be unconstitutional. Christianity is not a form of government. Even in its religious precepts, it admits no governmental authority over those who choose not to practice it. Islam, Nazism, Communism, Socialism, are forms of government which apply to all within their physical domain, and Islam, in theory, aspires to expand its power to include everyone on earth. They are forms of total government power over individuals. They are not compatible with our constitutional principles of individual freedom. Governmental power in our constitutional system rests on the consent of the people. And can only be wielded within the scope of the powers given to it in those enumerations prescribed by the people.

Conservatives want to look at history with a narrow view and pick the time they liked and try to get back there.
The war on drugs has failed
The war on abortion failed, it only lasted 100 years and did not eliminate abortion.

One of the reasons I usually put quotes around what is politically referred to as "Conservatism" is because it is a catch-all phrase, like "Liberal," which is contradictory and basically void of useful meaning. I prefer to use the term classical liberal to describe the point of view of those who wrote the Constitution. The divide, today, between so-called "Conservatives" and "Liberals" is a bit of a sham that hides a great deal of similarity between the two in their acceptance of our current mode of Progressive government. The difference is more in degree and type than in practice. Though, the "Conservatives" still have some links, or pretenses, to Classical Liberal Constitutionalism.

Classical Liberals (Costitutionalists), contrary to your notion of looking at history with a narrow view and picking a time to get back to, actually use the total, broad, scope of history, as the means to form and practice government. The Constitution was formed by those who inspected the totality of history known to them in order to pick the good things and protect against the bad things that existed in the historical record of governments. They formed a government for "now" not one which returned to some past. And they inserted in their Constitution the means to keep it "up to date."

The Founders, and most Classical Liberals, would not make a war on drugs or on abortion. Those types of "wars" are actually Progressive models of governing. The Early Progressives were the ones who tried to restrict or prohibit human behavior. The war on liquor (the Temperance movement) was a Progressive idea. Eugenics, purification of the race, was a Progressive idea. All the major founders of the Progressive movement were arch racists, including Presidents like Woodrow Wilson and FDR. Abortion today for the Progressive left has become a positive war to implement it in order to make society more efficient and controllable. It has become a pet project to enforce it and fund it for reasons of control. So the "Conservatives" (Progressive Right) want to use government power to restrict abortion for moral reasons (legislating morality), and the "Liberals" (Progressive Left) want to use government power to expand, enforce, and fund it as a tool of population control, and the Classical Liberals want government out of it all-together.

I'll admit that being a Republican at a liberal arts college can be dangerous and I have a little experience with that.
But i do believe that if you are young being liberal is not bad, but what happened at a local college with a conservative speaker was disappointing.
Being an actual liberal is good whether you are young or old or in between. Who we refer to as "Liberals" today are not liberal. They are the leftist Progressives. They subscribe to Progressive ideology which is authoritarian in nature, not liberal.
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