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  1. Trump might win this thing
  2. Good Morning Mr. President!
  3. referendum questions...
  4. Congrats to RI
  5. Kind of shows the mentality...
  6. Fresh Start
  7. Hollywood celebs who are leaving the country.
  8. Want to be taken seriously?
  9. Jonathan Haidt: How common threats can make common (political) ground
  10. Hey - Did Sidney Blumenthal thwack...
  11. Has Obama uttered a single word about the protests?
  12. Trump's inauguration preview
  13. Our Democracy
  14. Who deleted my post ?
  15. Trump predictions
  16. Bannon interview
  17. It's amazing how sometimes reality...
  19. Ohio State terror attack
  20. Obama the village idiot
  21. This was Funny.
  22. Trump china and twitter
  23. It's PUTIN'S FAULT!
  24. check out this guy's videos
  25. Weed
  26. Trump is assembling the richest administration
  27. What deregulation looks like
  28. Trumps New Years Tweet
  29. Ford investing in Michigan instead of moving jobs to Mexico
  30. Another Trump Inspired Hate Crime
  31. enlightening perspective from an ex-Muslim
  32. difference between the parties
  33. What did Jesus say
  34. 4
  35. 64 dems plan on missing Inaugaration
  36. Trump day!
  37. So it has started
  38. cut regulations by 75 percent
  39. New Presidential (HA) Recruiter
  40. Chilling
  41. Trumps SCOTUS pick
  42. A "moderate" Democrat who left the party and why
  43. another hollywood has-been trying for 15 minutes more....
  44. The top legal officials in 16 states all losers
  45. Ill conceived and poorly rolled out.
  46. POTUS Trumps Daily Tweets
  47. Another Progressive jumps ship
  49. Flagship california
  50. Is it just me
  51. Trump knew of Flynn Russia phone call issues 'weeks ago'
  52. This is getting ridiculous...
  53. Throw away your gear.......
  54. Post Election Stress Disorder
  55. Trump Supporter 'I Salute A Cardboard Trump Everday'
  56. vote tomorrow to pick new DNC chair
  57. Global Warming
  58. Trump lays out hike in military spending
  59. Trump blames Obama for town hall protests and security leaks
  61. So Yesterday.....
  62. Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions under fire over Russia meetings
  63. Trump accuses Obama of tapping his phone
  64. EPA chief doubts carbon dioxide's role in global warming
  65. Health Care
  66. Credibility
  67. the real voter fraud
  68. Millions will lose their insurance!
  69. MSNBC and Trump's taxes
  70. optics?
  71. Trumps bleak economic future.
  72. Health care
  73. Environment
  74. Interview with James O'Keef of Project Veritas
  75. Ivanka Trump
  76. ‘The Codfather,’ a New Bedford fishing mogul, pleads guilty
  77. Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch
  78. Good God do I hate Elizabeth Warren
  79. Russia and Syria
  80. Mar-a-Lago: The price of Trump's 'Winter White House'
  81. Spicer is a moron
  82. Trump reverses course in 24 hours
  83. MOAB
  84. NORKS
  85. Berkley protests are coming
  86. Trumps tax proposal
  87. The White House Is Celebrating Jobs Numbers President Trump Used to Call ‘Phony’
  88. Trump the authoritarian??
  89. What motivates ISIS recruits?
  90. Harvard University to hold a "blacks only" graduation.
  91. The apprentice lives.
  92. "resistance summer"
  93. this is great
  94. Islam
  95. Comey
  96. Well that was unsurprising
  97. And in local news - RI Lawmaker submits docs with porn tabs
  98. New Cuba policy's
  99. Interesting opinion re single payer healthcare.
  100. So proud
  101. G20 Summit
  102. Baby Charlie in England
  103. Jrs Russian emails
  104. Trump boy scout Jamboree speech
  105. Really?
  106. This is troubling
  107. just because
  108. A genocide the media avoids, and who should be the real Middle Eastsern refugees
  109. NORKS rev2
  110. Trump launches his own 'propaganda' network
  111. This is serious.
  112. Charlottesville
  113. Now if the left had not...
  114. Media in General
  115. Wisconsin vote to pay Foxconn $3 billion to get new factory
  116. Sox owners alledged worries hypocritical
  117. Thoughts on Slavery and the Welfare State.
  118. New Path Forward in Afghanistan
  119. Fake Google
  120. Trump travel drains Secret Service budget
  121. Another US ship T- boned
  122. Robert Lee
  123. Trump Back on the Campaign Trial
  124. H-Bomb
  125. Trump sides with Dems on spending cap
  126. Climate Change
  127. Mexican landscapers
  128. fascinating
  129. NFL
  130. NFL - Part II (the week after)
  131. Glad I'm not a native of Puerto Rico
  132. Vegas and Automatic Weapons
  133. Trump threatens broadcaster NBC
  134. Hillary was asked...
  135. Russians, Russians, Russians
  136. fireworks with Trump in DC
  137. George Washington's own church is removing a plaque in his honor because he owned sla
  138. Religion of peace strikes again
  139. DNC corruption
  140. Bergdahl freed
  141. nothing to see here.
  142. crickets...
  143. Happy anniversary
  144. Roy Moore / Al Franken
  146. Trump compared to Charles Manson
  147. Pocahontas? So What?
  148. Matt Lauer and Garrison Keeler
  149. AI
  150. Senate President Rosenburg
  151. Flynn
  152. For my pal wdmso:
  153. A Muslim Iman that I actually like and wish the best. . . but
  154. Conyers
  155. Little by little, another liberal emerges from the bubble
  156. Donald Trump the Dinasaur
  157. Jerusalem
  158. Steve Bannon--hey NEBE and WDMSO, watch this.
  159. Lisa Bloom and trump accusations
  160. GOP Tax Overhaul
  161. Another NK soldier defects
  162. Trumps Irish wall
  163. Is Trump going to watch the X-Files?
  164. Fascinating read on Disinformation and an example of how widespread
  165. CBS has a CPA do the math on the tax bill.
  166. that didn't take long
  167. Wild Iran
  168. Fusion GPS
  169. The real voter Fraud N.C. Gerrymandered
  170. sh*thole countries
  171. Obama chides Romney about Russia
  172. "Enemy of the people"
  173. Let's discuss something really simple, Healthcare
  174. Apple Inc
  175. Pay and Pension in the White House
  176. A world without Jobs?
  177. Trump infrastructure plan leaked
  178. Styx summarizes the Dems problem
  179. State of the Union Speach
  180. Gregory Salcido
  181. Alex Reimer
  182. Impact of GOP tax overhaul
  183. Memo is out
  184. Trump's Immigration Proposal Compares Plans
  185. lawmakers' failure to appreciate Me
  186. big win for dems in MO
  187. is congress to old
  188. White House Looking for new HR director.
  189. No mental health issue in america.
  190. Россия
  191. TV 1ST??
  192. Trump puts Remington into Bankruptcy
  193. Fox tell Trump to arm Teachers
  194. you just can't make this stuff up
  195. I did not vote for Trump
  196. Spence likes Dicks
  197. In pictures: US gun-blessing ceremony
  198. Fake news
  199. Rhode Island under attack
  200. You guys are disappointing me
  201. Tough loss
  202. Rex says thank God!
  203. another meaningful win for Dems last night
  204. Gun-Trained Teacher Accidentally Shoots Gun In Calif. High School Classroom
  205. Not a joke - was almost in an accident the other day
  206. school shooting
  207. Ralph Peters?
  208. Austin Bomber
  209. Would your wife kill you or worse if your exgirlfriend was on tv telling about you
  210. Women's History Month, Black History month . . .
  211. Put your NatSec hat on and come over and read...
  212. Trump vs Amazon
  213. Trump Calls For Military Forces On U.S.-Mexico Border
  214. Great dialogue between a minarchist libertarian and an anarcho-capitalist libertarian
  215. Is the Mueller investigation coming to a head
  216. Eqaulity for cisgender boobs.
  217. If you go to Finland
  218. open minded
  219. Well...
  220. If you think you're having a bad day...
  221. Who said it?
  222. Democrats Sue Russia, WikiLeaks And Trump Campaign Over Election 'Conspiracy'
  223. John Barron why would you name your kid after him
  224. Garden thread
  225. Passionate pre-election opinion of prominent Democrat
  226. Will Slip turn them in
  227. Unemployment at an 18 year low
  228. Who killed the Constitution.
  229. April set a national record for generating surplus
  230. What do you see happening to your healthcare costs in the next few years
  231. Yanny or Laurel? White House Divided?
  232. Qatar
  233. Texas Shooting
  234. A great conversation re many of the topics on this forum
  235. Trumps tweet on this day is so wrong
  236. Roseanne's tweet
  237. thought this was too good not to post
  238. Infrastructure, remember that?
  239. Samantha Bee?
  240. service to our country
  241. winners & losers
  242. Pelosi defends MS-13 from Trump
  243. Trump the great
  244. Christian Baker
  245. Eagles grounded
  246. American job openings outnumber the jobless, first time ever recorded
  247. Trump Tries to Destroy the West
  248. primaries
  249. IG Report
  250. Space force