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  1. Wtf
  2. Biden/Warren in 2016?
  3. Current state of the democratic party
  5. So how about that town clerk?
  6. obamaland
  7. Ben Carson and Immigration-
  8. More and more crises
  9. Obama Administration Cooking the Books on ISIS, Others?
  10. Obama
  11. Carson may have lost me last night
  12. boner resigning from congress
  13. Dems beging to back away from Obozocare
  14. Another college mass murder.. ho-hum, who cares.
  15. This is pretty interesting
  16. Gun Owners.. Ball is in your court
  17. The 80's Called and want their foreign policy back
  18. Bengaaaazzziiiiiiiii. !!!!!!!!
  19. Spence's house
  20. Obama says Fox News made him 'seem scary' to small town Americans.
  21. The Democratic Debate
  22. Biden
  23. this is great
  24. This might be it, we are doomed.
  25. Hard Workers
  26. Rubio's shining moment last night
  27. heh...heh
  28. Ouch!
  29. Even Scandanavian tolerance has its limits
  30. Court says transgender student must be given unlimited access to girls locker room
  31. Is this true??
  32. Some people just don't get it
  33. Obama's Immigration Initiative
  34. The million crybaby march is underway...
  35. The French attack
  36. Pastafarian
  37. "Iím a Gay Man and Mass Muslim Immigration Terrifies Me"
  38. Obama, again with the cheap insults
  39. Were administration officials "cooking the books" regarding trhe ISIS threat?
  40. That kid who made the "clock"
  41. Turkish F16s shoot down Russian SU-24
  42. Obama's Disastrous Iraq Policy: An Autopsy
  43. ISIS
  44. Remember that planned parenthood video ?
  45. Today, we are all murdering terrorists.
  46. Black lives matter
  47. Syria
  48. So, mass shootings only happen in the USA?
  49. So, how about our brilliant middle eastern vetting process
  50. Brave speech in Swedish parliament about Islam
  51. Let's eliminate religion
  52. GITMO releassee rejoins Al Queda - if only we we warned this might happen
  53. Democrats Ban Iranians
  54. Banning guns for those on the terror watchlist
  55. Spence, don't read this.
  56. Are you tired?
  57. And we need more gun laws??
  58. Did Paul Ryan switch parties?
  59. historyís most reprinted newspaper editorial - Re Trump
  60. Student Loan Robocalls
  61. HR 4269
  62. Oh my.
  63. Oregon "militia" standoff.
  64. Executive Order background checks
  65. Trojan Horse
  66. Iran has 10 US Sailors from 2 small boats
  67. Movie 13 Hours will re-open Benghazi discussion
  68. Driverless cars
  69. Socialist Government
  70. Hilary email
  71. Hey Spence
  72. ZERO credibility!
  73. jokes about the candidates for president
  74. Gaining traction?
  75. Is Bernie going to make this interesting?
  76. It's the cops fault...BS
  77. Just awesome
  78. Political Debate Formats need changing?
  79. Antonin Scalia's death
  80. Muslim Man VS Gun Range
  81. Hilary tells CNN she has never lied to the public
  82. Can Money Buy Everything
  83. the Trump Phenomenon
  84. more liberal tolerance on campus
  85. email from Senator Blumenthal to Hilary
  86. For you Rhode Island guys
  87. Baaaa.....haaaaaa...haaaaaaa
  88. Mitt Romney 2012
  89. You will be an equal partner with HHS in raising your children
  90. interesting
  91. Nebe, BOY the polls were wrong in Michigan
  92. Dr Carson endorsed TRUMP?
  93. Chicago riots cancel Trump rally
  94. Hilary "mis-remembers" again, Spence
  95. Who is Rubio kidding?
  96. How can you guys defend this?
  97. Cuba and Obama The Weak
  98. Brussels
  99. Craigslist ads to hire Trump protesters?
  100. If the election was held today....
  101. Cruz is done.
  102. Arizona officials decry long voting queues
  103. This is interesting...
  104. Hillary for prison 2016
  105. Hillary Email issues
  106. only the dead see the end of war HBO
  107. I am almost out of tinfoil
  108. For your reading enjoyment (Nebe will particularly like this one)
  109. Panama papers
  110. Did Bernie finally get caught lying for the cameras?
  111. Hilary - a "fence" isn't a "wall"
  112. How federal regulatory agencies becoome dictatorial political tools:
  113. US student escorted off plane 'for speaking Arabic'
  114. Bernie appears to be a hypocrite on taxes
  115. Celebrities may be helping Trump
  116. Hilary and coal mining
  117. Something's up
  118. NC bathroom law
  119. Is this "fair"?
  120. Obamacare Going Away?
  121. New poll
  122. Obama's VA Secretary says wait lines at VA Hosp are like wait lines at Disney
  123. Trey Gowdy - brilliant!
  124. Obama goes to Hiroshima, and naturally, screws it up
  125. How come...
  126. Vetting refugees
  127. I'm just gonna park this here.
  128. Remember the navy fast boats that got lost near Iran?
  129. WWHD
  130. Why Trump would make a Bad POTUS
  131. white cops vs black criminals
  132. Trey Gowdy qustions FBI director
  133. #^&#^&#^&#^&ty City Bang Bang Department
  134. I was not going to post Here Anymore
  135. 2016 - The year of the )*@#$$!
  136. 3 more cops assassinated, Obama says we eed to focus on words that unite
  137. Unemployment
  138. Democrats break the law
  139. A message from the potential vice president of the United States
  140. priceless
  141. Wikileaks emails DNC
  142. Attempted escape from the DNC
  143. Hillary makes USA today
  144. DNC builds fence (wall?) around convention site?
  145. Hillary Clinton wants this for America
  146. I'm with her
  147. 19 killed 24 injured by 1 man with a knife
  148. The Clinton foundation
  149. Will Obama loot the white house like the Clinton's did when they left
  150. I wonder if Hillary is guilty of plaegerism
  151. dishonesty at the DNC
  152. Don't want to ruin your night Spence
  153. ALL charges drpped against Baltimore cops in Freddie Gray case
  154. Huma is hot
  155. Teacher sues school for allowing her to have sex with a studet
  156. More lying at the DNC
  157. Hillary really does care about women
  158. There seems to be a pattern
  159. I didn't fish the whole month
  160. Obama will have 4th lowest annual GDP growth of any president
  161. Anti gun pastor wins ar-15
  162. Hillary will raise taxes on middle class
  163. Dirty bomb
  164. Shawn Lucas
  165. Here's what I think.....
  166. Political Joke of the Day
  167. Hillary's Email Server
  168. Democrats underhanded actions
  169. Ready for the Eastern Ukrainian Olympic Tracks and Field Competitions??
  170. Assassination!!!
  171. Can it be
  172. Is the science in
  173. Beyond the pale
  174. Race relations since Obama took office
  175. Let the drugs in and target the money on the way out
  176. Civil Rights
  177. 100 mil a hostage
  178. Optics
  179. Clinton Foundation selling access
  180. Sleaze bag..
  181. Nigel Farage At Trump rally
  182. Say it isn't so
  183. What are they teaching kids today
  184. Are we next???
  185. caption this
  186. Some here need to read this
  187. The fix was in
  188. Milo Yiannopoulos
  189. Trichobezoar?
  190. After 80 years of Democrats
  191. Elijah Cummings connect the dots
  192. No we haven't been conquered
  193. I wonder how this will play out
  194. C:...Make America Great Again
  195. Not all people on food stamps are poor
  196. Plant the seeds when their children
  197. Hilary's message of unity
  198. Pipeline antics
  199. Hillary has no sea legs
  200. Trump ad in response to Hilary's 'deplorables' comment
  201. Fabian Socialist
  202. I'm voting for trump.
  203. Hilary, the Democrats, and the media
  204. Vetting and immigration process
  205. In case you missed it
  206. What a weiner
  207. Maybe the issue is lack of respect
  208. Latest Protests
  209. Cast of "West Wing' stumping for Hilary in Ohio
  210. Maybe signs are the answer to stop terrorist..
  211. Hilary asks "Why Am I not 50 points ahead?"
  212. So only liberals have the right to protest now?
  213. Reasons to support Hillary
  214. Best Entertainment Value-The Debate
  215. moving on up
  216. Commonsense
  217. Hillary Clinton lies
  218. Government getting bigger
  219. Obama and Clinton have helped terrorist
  220. Obama says Russia acting 'barbarous' in Syria
  221. He can be baited by a tweet
  222. Now this is funny
  223. ICAAN
  224. Women and mail
  225. Where are we headed
  226. I hate censorship
  227. Trump and his taxes
  228. Question 4
  229. Just odd
  230. Dredge report
  231. Final Trump outrage
  232. How each candidate treats women
  233. What a shame
  234. This is very important
  235. this explains quite a bit
  236. Trump polls are rigged
  237. Michelle Obaba is "shaken to her core" that Trump can treat women this way!!!
  238. whistle-blower
  239. yup
  240. Wiki leak?
  241. Madonna
  242. Wierd Al
  243. Reasons to support Trump
  244. Obama Care Increases
  245. Hillary got debate questions in advance?
  246. Proof Trump knows he is going to loose
  247. The only winner in this election...
  248. Trump rushed off stage by security
  249. Fake news
  250. Fake news